Self monitoring solutions for health and wellness

Improve health and maintain wellness for the whole family, group or company.

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Self monitoring improves health

Increase motivation, improve health awareness and learn how to stay well.

Trackers: activity, weight, BMI, body muscle, body fat, visceral fat, lung function, cardiovascular function, food intake, alcohol consumption, blood glucose, cholesterol, INR, HbA1c, blood pressure.

Simple tools. Big changes. Easy to use.

Empower and motivate in groups

Form or join groups for motivation.

Support your family and friends with online messaging.

Corporate wellness. Charity fund raising challenges.

Join Adventures to Walk Around the World. Non-competitive games to motivate and engage.

eMentoring capable

Personal Trainers of your choice can access your data for professional eMentoring.

Secure eHealth capabilities. eMonitoring by your clinician for highest quality care and support.